Automate Your Stock And Option Strategies

Developing trading strategies will never be the same again

Flexible Strategy Wizards

Use one of the pre-built strategies in our wizard tool enabling simple or complex rules to be specified by making a sequence of selections.
No programming required.
Develop In C# or VB .NET

Alternatively, leverage the power of .NET and use our feature rich script editor to develop any strategy you can imagine. Write your code in either VB or C# .NET.
If you can write Excel macros, then you'll love this!
Interactive Performance Reports

Performance reports that show you everything from equity curves, risk charts, option leg bid/ask prices, volatility levels, probability cones, Greeks and performance metrics, to name just a few.

Plan The Trade  |  Trade The Plan

Take your trading to the next level

Traders often struggle with consistency because they don't follow their rules and/or don't have the confidence in the strategy they are trading. AlgoNET Explorer helps to develop and prove a strategy before committing real money.

Develop Strategy

After learning the basics of stock and options trading, the next step is to develop a strategy that behaves consistently. OptionNET Explorer is an essential platform for learning how options behave, exploring different theories and managing them in a live market environment.

Test Performance

But whether you've been taught a set of rules to a strategy or developed your own, you'll want to see how well it performs over a longer timeframe. Proving a strategy works with any level of confidence can take hundreds or thousands of trades and is a task better suited to algorithmic testing.

Enhance Strategy

Small changes in the strategy rules can result in significant performance improvements and underpin the long term stability of the system as a whole. AlgoNET Explorer now makes this goal a simple process to achieve.

Trade with Confidence and Consistency

Technical Specifications

5 Minute Historical Data

Use our fully managed historical market database of US Index and Equity options. Select from end-of-day down to 5 minute intra-day time intervals.

64-bit Architecture

Uses the latest architecture to take advantage of more system memory so you can work faster with increased data throughput.


Most modern PC's have multiple CPU cores which can be run in parallel to dramatically improve the speed of strategy testing.

Integrated IDE

Full-featured Integrated Development Environment providing all the tools and more that professional developers demand.

Multiple Monitor Support

Full support for multiple monitors so you can drag windows to different monitors and make the most of your screens.

Modern UI

Modern User Interface making the platform easy to navigate saving you time to spend perfecting your strategies.

Report Everything You Need

Analyze overall strategy performance and drill down to individual trades

See the intra-day performance of your strategy from start to finish with indicators denoting each adjustment made. Cursor tracking puts everything at your fingertips without searching through a collection of trade data. See all the important information such as risk chart, individual equity chart and position Greeks update instantly as you track your mouse.

Inspect the results, trade by trade. Sort, filter and drill-down into individual trade legs.
Click on a trade and instantly see relevant data for that specific trade in all other windows.

Analyze individual trades in minute detail to see where improvements can be made.
Update your strategy and re-run the test in seconds. It couldn't be simpler.

A professional strategy development platform available to both retail and institutional traders alike.

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Big Data Mining and Quantitative Trading

Build and test your own quantitative models

Purpose built research platform to help you turn your quantitative trading ideas into strategies you can deploy. Take advantage of our highly efficient architecture for data mining big market data sets to search for correlations and market patterns which might give you the edge to your trading.

It's no secret that some of the largest and most successful hedge funds in the world use these techniques to find non-random price movements to make their predictions. Now you can build and test your own quantitative models derived from mathematical and statistical analysis to guide your investment strategies.

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